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Mute offers Electronic (Dance) Music in all shapes and sizes, performed by artists of all shapes and sizes, on equipment in all shapes and sizes.

We aim to create an inclusive space. We don’t like door policy, we let everyone in who wants to come and let them pay what they want. You decide for yourself whether you like it or not.

That means entrance is donation based, but it also means we have to walk the thin line of being able to support the artists that we invite on the one hand, supporting ourselves, and supporting causes on the other.

Guests so far

Accuraat, Akemio Grey, Auxpulse, Colette, Das Ding, Daniele Labbate, Deirdre Direktor, Feffeffef, Kaa Zan, MMMOOONNNOOO, Laura van Hal, Orgue Electronique, Raderkraft, Rough Fields, Sadie, Starmint Distortion, SSDJ Spacemaker, Scapetransformer, Teder, The Tide Of The End (TTOTE). More Info/SC links, etc….


A clear definition of what Mute is can not be given. Where it is common practice that concepts have a structured outline and set boundaries, Mute is based on the principle of Pantha Rhei, or “Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers.”. However, for organizational sake, there have been several attempts at sketching the lines within which Mute operates, or rather, what Mute, at that certain moment in time, should represent.



After a DJ performance by Bau at the Onderbroek, in the summer of 2014, Erik asked him if he did not want to organise something on a monthly basis. This sounded like a nice idea. The pillars were set: We play electronic music, entrance is always donation and goes to a local cause, Stichting Gast. We also have a vegan buffet available on the dancefloor. With this in mind Mute started of by doing a monthly residency, switching to bi-monthly after 3 editions.

Mute II

On 16 July 2016 Mute leveled up to Mute II. Shifting the focus from performances by Team Mute to a more ambitious aim of inviting ‘external’ acts and combining them with DJ sets. We introduced the MuteBooth and implemented more side projects. Tess Travis joined the team. The slogan became “Electronically Dancing, Technologically Advancing, Awareness Enhancing, Cause Financing.” and the pillars shifted a bit: Entrance remained donation, but now atleast 50% of the proceedings goes to a cause. This because we wanted to finance our artists. There is always a vegan buffet on the dance floor.

 Mute III

Another level-up saw the light of day at 15 July 2017. Having hosted 16 editions so far, reaching our idea of adding live performances and inviting more Artists. Mute became self sustainable, able to offer a decent fee to performing artists, offering high quality programming. Ambition: less editions in the Onderbroek, from 6 to 3 times a year. Shifting to different locations (Amsterdam, Berlin and whatever comes on our path) Developing & expanding our all round Team Mute, be it with DJs, VJs, Live Performances and the MuteBooth. Programming wise we are keeping the live aspect strong, always supporting causes.


Early days (around 2008)

The exact date of birth of Mute is unknown, also the reason for the name Mute is not entirely certain. Probably a dumb joke. One of the first editions of Mute was held in collaboration with the philosophy department of the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Sophia. Mute then started to developed Mutecasts, eventually using the same name within the RTFKT collective. One of the first Mutecasts dates back to 2009, so it’s safe to assume the birth of Mute was around this time.

After the disintegration of the RTFKT collective two members decided to continue the organisation of events. Nijmegen’s only autonomous place “De Onderbroek” invited us to host a night during the Vierdaagse. A friendship was developed and the idea of the Mute events was born.

Start of Mute events (2014)

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Logo design

A tribute to our teenage Warez scene roots. Long live LtH. Logo made by using Rexpaint, a free, powerful and user-friendly ASCII art editor.


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