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Streaming into the abyss live from De Onderbroek.

30 Jan 2021

Hello friends and fam! Its been a weird, confusing, boring and disturbing year in the basement of De Onderbroek and with the curfew it even got a little more of all that. For almost 12 months we have been using our beloved basement mostly as a place to have meetings, planning how to overcome these times in the most positive and creative way as possible. Not to worry, as an event location we have survived the past and we will also survive the future. We can't wait to host parties and to welcome bands again!

On the 6th of february the infamous inhouse dance collective 'MUTE' is organizing a streaming event. Actually, it's more of a show than a stream. There will be really good music, DJ's, Games, virtual guests, a bingo and whatever other madness they come up with. As always, MUTE found some creative ways to make you feel like you are in De Onderbroek without you being in De Onderbroek. Mind blowing. And even more crazy plans are being made as we speak. We also want to use this evening to try and raise some money. Not for Mute but for De Onderbroek. Bills need to be paid; so we would greatly appreciate a donation.

Together we can make sure De Onderbroek will still be open when COVID IS DEAD AND BURRIED. We are still thinking of ways to shape this 'donation system' in a fun and challenging way! We hope you can all join us in our digital underpants to make it an evening where can feel together.

Please keep an eye on this event for updates and/or follow De Onderbroek and Mute on Instagram to keep up with the latest news. Much love from De Onderbroek and the MUTE crew.

DISCLAIMER: we are keeping the amount of people present in the Onderbroek as low as we can, and those who are present have been taking a COVID test beforehand.


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