Mute 17.2 - @ De Rode Comcommer w/ DJ Wimpers

Mute 17.2 - @ De Rode Comcommer w/ DJ Wimpers

Leipe plaatjes van 19:00 tot 23:00 @ de Rode Comcommer

Headliner: DJ W(h)impers

When DJ Wimpers was young, he would listen to a Dutch radio show. This show played different selections of various electronic music. Whenever he heard a track that he liked, he would go to the record store and purchase it. His first experience in DJing was when he was 15 years old at that time when he was playing at his school parties. As a teenager he saved money to buy his first keyboard by washing cars, and selling mix tapes to kids in his neighborhood. Aged just 21 years old, he won a prestigious award, which recognized his contribution to Holland's electronic dance music scene.

Support: Bau, Sjors


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